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Friday, March 16, 2012

Big Moves

I somehow haven't posted about our new apartment, even though this is where I spend 99.99% of my time now (with the exception of doctor's appointments and the occasional trip upstairs to my friend Tina's).

Here are some things I love about our new apartment:

1. Friends upstairs and across the street and around the corner.
2. More room. A lot more room. Two bedrooms instead of a studio.
3. A real kitchen. Our old kitchen was about the size of one of those kid play kitchens. We had exactly one cabinet. Now I have more cabinets than I know what to do with. A dishwasher (although it has been broken since we moved in - they ordered us a new one). A real oven (our old oven could only fit pans the long way and had one shelf). A gas stove. Room for a kitchen table and chairs.
4. Closets. Our old apartment had one very small closet. Now we have two closets in our bedroom, one in the babies' room, and two in the hallway.
5. A thermostat. We can actually control the temperature in here! And all the utilities are included in the rent, so I can keep it as balmy or arctic as I want in here. Although my conscience keeps me from going too crazy.
6. A regular sized bath tub. Our old one was only long enough to sit up in. Bathroom cabinets.
7. A backyard. It is shared, but I am excited to be able to plant some herbs outside this summer and maybe some tomatoes.
8. A Cambridge parking permit. Only those who live here will know how meaningful this is.
9. Storage and laundry in the basement, accessible from the inside. We used to have to walk outside and around the building with our laundry in the snow and rain.

Things I miss about our old place:
1. Hardwood floors.
2. Really great bakeries close by.
3. The American Academy of Arts and Sciences across the street with a wooded park I loved to walk through.
4. A parking lot.
5. Much cheaper rent.
6. Fifteen minute walk to Harvard, Porter, Union, or Inman.
7. The bike garage behind our building.
8. Really great water pressure in the shower.

All in all, I am happy with the move, although it is always a little bittersweet to leave a place you've made a lot of memories in. A lot happened in our old apartment on Ivaloo Street (whose name I never learned for sure how to pronounce). It saw us through three graduate degrees. Most of my novel was written in that apartment. We went through five IVF treatments, won awards, and got lots of good and bad news while sitting in that apartment. It was our first apartment together as a married couple. This apartment will be full of a lot of memories, too. Our kids will come home from the hospital to this apartment. They will probably learn to walk and talk here.

I'm thinking a lot about the places I've lived today because yesterday my parents bought a condo. They will be moving out of the house I lived in since I was 11 years old. I graduated from high school and college, left for my mission, and fell in love with Dan in that house. We lived there together for nearly two years after we were married while my parents were in the Philippines. I have a lot of great memories there. But luckily, memories stay even when physical locations leave us or we leave them. I think this will be a good move for my parents. As I've mentioned before, my father has Alzheimer's. Upkeep on the house is becoming harder and harder. They will live very close to my sister now and they can help each other.

New memories will be made there and here.


Aubrey said...

We are so glad that you moved too, but that's mostly for selfish reasons.

Rachel Hunt said...

This is a good update.

Where is your new abode? Who are all of the lucky friends?

My parents moved from my home home when I was a freshman at BYU. I cried and cried. They moved again (out of my home state) when I was in the MTC. Somehow I was blessed not to internalize it. But it was pretty strange to give my "homecoming" talk in Elko, Nevada. Which town I arrived in for the first time only two days before.

ellen said...

I have been thinking about all the good and bad things about moving, too, Lisa. So many memories in all the wonderful places we have lived. But I think some new adventures are in store for all of us.

Love your writing!

Gwen said...

place makes an impact on us that runs deeper than we realize.

paul said...

Some of my best childhood memories are of 831 5th Ave. in Helena , Mont.
Your excellent post reminds me of how deep these thoughts remain.
You are truly a writer to evoke this.
I'll tell my grandchildren one day everything about Helena!!!

Fenima said...

BTW, congrats on the twins, and successful in vitro. I don't know the last time I checked your blog. Life has been crazy, I had my twin girls in May 2011, 35 wks 3 days, Maya and Emorie. Emorie (6lbs) came home with me and Maya (the older yet smaller 3lbs 14 oz) stayed in NICU for over 7 wks. We found out that she has a heart defect when she was in NICU. She is fine now. One of the defects closed by itself (the most important one that would require open heart surg if it doesn't), so we're just monitoring the other one now, hopefully will close as well. we moved to Orem the end of last year. Good luck with everything!!!

Chelsi Ritter said...

wow i can't believe you guys made the move from your Ivaloo place! i won't know how to picture you guys now :)
i've always believed that places carry memories somehow. i read a book at byu called wisdom sits in places, and i think it's true. good luck in your new apartment!!

Aimee said...

I've been meaning to comment on this post for some time.

I always get melancholy with every move I've ever made. There is something sacred about the walls that keep up safe and hold our experiences. Our first move from my childhood house when I was in 6th grade had a huge impact on me. We went room to room talking about memories we had made in each one. Then we drove away and I remember looking out the back window and everything was blurry because of my tears. So dramatic but I have always felt this way when I move away from a home.

Glad you are happy with the new apartment. You should give us a tour via video chat soon. It has been way too long since we have seen you guys.

Courtney said...

I heard about your parents moving. It will be so weird not to have them next door to my parents anymore! I'm sure it is best for them but they will be missed!!!