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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Babies Shower: Food & decorations

Last Saturday was my "Babies Shower." Many times when I thought I was going to go into very early preterm labor, I told myself, "You just have to make it to the shower! You just have to make it to the shower!" I knew my friends had been planning something special for a long time and I really didn't want to miss it (almost as much as I didn't want the twins to come out early).

Well, I made it. Everything was amazing and far exceeded any expectations I could have had: the food, the company, the photo booth, the baby libs, the gifts, the favors. A lot of love, time and hard work went into this shower and I love my friends who put it all together so much.

Here are some pics of the fete: food & decorations. I will do another post about the photo booth, gifts & favors. There was so much amazingness that it really can't be contained in one blog post.

Food & drink: breads, cheeses, salad with beets, grapefruit and goat cheese, caprese salad, tapenades, fruit, sparkling drinks, desserts...

A little sneak peek of Gwen's favors hanging in the window and the gifts:

Orbs! In turquoise, gray and yellow. And Aubrey! In stripes.

Okay, that's all for this post. More to come!


ellen said...

Simply amazing! I wish I could have been there!

Alicen said...

I am so glad you have such great local friends!! It makes my heart swell to know you had this done for you. Love you!

Deja said...

It truly was one of the most joyous events I've ever attended. You are loved, exceedingly so.