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Thursday, February 23, 2012


Ew, gross. Not that kind of discharge.

I get to go home today! Dan is surfing in Rhode Island and as soon as he gets home, he is going to come rescue me.

I'll be on strict bed rest once I get home. If I can make it to 32 weeks, they will probably lift some of my restrictions. I would so much rather be on bed rest at home than in the hospital. It will be good to be with Dan, Pumpkin, my books and my food again.

Once Jamie Oliver has fixed all the school lunch programs, he really needs to come to the hospitals. You would think hospitals would be interested in serving healthy meals. Nope. Most of the fruit they offer is from a can. The grilled cheese sandwiches are made with American cheese. Are you kidding me? Don't they know that "American" is not a real kind of cheese? I wish I were on hospital bed rest in France. I bet they would feed me well. Is fresh, real food really too much to ask for? Apparently. The only word I can think of to describe the meals here is "demoralizing."

I'm not trying to complain - I'm serious! I really think hospital patients would be so much happier with their situations and able to recuperate more quickly if they were being fed freshly prepared, wholesome foods.

Okay, I will step off my bandwagon now.

Did I mention how excited I am to go home?


Gwen said...

YAY!!!!! Welcome home!! Let me know if I can come over and do some more packing!

Alicen said...

I'm so sorry for what you had to endure, Lisa! I guess I should be grateful for my hospital that had fresh salads (with real romaine lettuce) and a lot of really good food. I was actually sad to leave because the food was so good. Here's me raving about it: http://www.tendermercies-alicen.blogspot.com/2009/08/introducing-jeremiah-noal.html

But anyways, so glad you get to go home! And crossing all digits and even my eyes that these babies get to 32 weeks in their cute little mother!!!!

ed and brooke said...

Oh I completely agree! When I had Esley and I was in the hospital, they fed me the worst food. After being in labor and not eating all day long, the "kitchen" was closed and they offered me canned tomato soup. Ed went and rescued me luckily, but seriously... how can you feed people frozen veggies and some sort of form of meat and expect them to get well? If I could do it over again I would probably go to a birthing center or something. It was the most expensive night stay for the worst food ever. Glad to hear you're going home!

jamie said...

Glad you get to go home:)! when i had my kids I made jamison go buy me dinner almost every night i was in the hospital because the food sucked.

Rachel Hunt said...

I whole heartedly agree with your sentiments that hospitals (of all places) should be serving whole, nutritious foods. It is so strange and sad to me that they don't. In many ways I think good food is better than medicine. Or IS medicine.

And I am so glad you get to go home.