What do you think the sex(es) of the twins will be?

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Ew, gross. Not that kind of discharge.

I get to go home today! Dan is surfing in Rhode Island and as soon as he gets home, he is going to come rescue me.

I'll be on strict bed rest once I get home. If I can make it to 32 weeks, they will probably lift some of my restrictions. I would so much rather be on bed rest at home than in the hospital. It will be good to be with Dan, Pumpkin, my books and my food again.

Once Jamie Oliver has fixed all the school lunch programs, he really needs to come to the hospitals. You would think hospitals would be interested in serving healthy meals. Nope. Most of the fruit they offer is from a can. The grilled cheese sandwiches are made with American cheese. Are you kidding me? Don't they know that "American" is not a real kind of cheese? I wish I were on hospital bed rest in France. I bet they would feed me well. Is fresh, real food really too much to ask for? Apparently. The only word I can think of to describe the meals here is "demoralizing."

I'm not trying to complain - I'm serious! I really think hospital patients would be so much happier with their situations and able to recuperate more quickly if they were being fed freshly prepared, wholesome foods.

Okay, I will step off my bandwagon now.

Did I mention how excited I am to go home?

Saturday, February 18, 2012


I've been staying in the hospital since Thursday. They wheeled me over straight from my doctor's appointment after finding that my cervix had shortened to less than 1 cm and I was 1 cm dilated. Upon entering Labor & Delivery triage, they also found I was having contractions 12 mins. apart that I couldn't really feel. They gave me steroid shots to help the babies' lung develop quickly in case I deliver soon.

I'm 27 weeks 3 days today.

We're hoping to hold off delivery of these babies for a few more weeks at least. A pediatrician from the NICU came to my room yesterday to talk to us about what to expect if our babies were born right now. While they would probably survive, there would be A LOT of interventions and they wouldn't get to come home for another two months or so. It was kind of scary hearing about all the things that could go wrong. I hope they don't come out soon. Right now the bottom baby (girl) is head down and the other baby (boy) is breech. I would probably have to have a c-section since they don't like to try to deliver severely premature breech babies vaginally.

Other than fear of delivery, my stay in the hospital hasn't been too bad. Dan comes and hangs out with my every day and I've had lots of visits from friends. I get to watch as much TLC as I want. I've been doing a little writing and reading. The meals are disgusting. The nurses and doctors are nice.

If not much has changed, they might let me go home on Monday or Tuesday to continue my bed rest there. We are moving to our new apartment on Saturday and poor Dan has been left with the task of packing us up and moving us. He is the best.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Update (Downdate?)

I found out a few days ago that I have a short cervix (they like it to be well above 3 cm and mine is 1.4 cm) and am now considered high-risk for preterm labor. They did another test (fetal fibronectin) that found that it is highly unlikely that I will go into labor within the next 7-14 days, so that is somewhat comforting.

I had to quit work and am supposed to "take it easy." What is meant by that, exactly, is still a little unclear to me. At first they were saying bed rest but now it seems that since I'm not going into labor this week I can get up and move around a bit. But still "take it easy."

If we can get the babies to 28 weeks, their prospects look up significantly. At 28 weeks, babies have a 90% survival rate (although they still have to spend a lot of time in the NICU). At 32 weeks, the time they spend in the NICU and their chances for permanent complications go down significantly. So, I'm trying to make small goals. Right now I'm just focused on getting to 28 weeks. I'm 25.5 weeks now.

The upside? I get to read all day and watch as much TV as I want.

Oh, and I projectile vomited all over the kitchen this morning. Winning!