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Friday, March 5, 2010

Thursday, March 4, 2010

the difference a few letters can make

so when i went in for my surgery, they had accidentally ordered a laparoscopy and a hysterectomy instead of a laparoscopy and a hysteroscopy.

that's a pretty big difference. the complete opposite of what i wanted, actually. glad they caught it.

surgery was hard. i'm not gonna lie. yesterday i ended up in the emergency room (doctor's orders because i had a high white blood cell count), but all is well. the pain (and vomiting) was horrible the first couple of days. today is much better. it was so nice to have my parents and dandle to take care of me.

my doctor said i had the worst adhesions he has ever seen. the surgery took almost 3 hrs. instead of 1 hr. as they had expected. he also said i had one of the biggest, most bloated fallopian tubes he has ever seen. he said it was the size of a sausage. usually they are as big around as a piece of spaghetti. they took it out. i'm glad it's gone.

today i got an email from this journal, saying that they're going to publish a story i submitted months and months ago about fallopian tubes. oddly, in the story i compared fallopian tubes to a couple of sausages. little did i know...

anyway, thanks for all those who are bringing us dinners and for all your well-wishes. i ate my first real meal in three days last night and it was delicious.