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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Decking the studio apartment with boughs of pine

Today I turned on Bing Crosby's "How Lovely is Christmas" (a Van Orman family tradition) and wrapped presents while singing along to, "An axe, an apple and a buckskin jacket - that's all I want for me! An axe, an apple and a buckskin jacket, under the Christmas tree!" Then I put up some lights Dan found on the side of the road and hung some snowflakes I made the other day. Instead of a tree, we have a homemade wreath I made with fresh pine boughs on Wednesday at our church's annual wreathmaking event. Things are starting to look Christmas-y around here except there's no snow.

But doing all this has left me feeling a little melancholy today. I love Christmas with Dan and friends in Massachusetts, but my heart always longs to be in Utah. Maybe Danta will let us go home next year if we're really good.


Courtney said...

Beautiful snowflakes!!! Sorry you don't get to come home for Christmas. All our snow melted so you aren't missing out on much yet.

Gwen said...

what a beautiful picture! i miss you and pumpkin. happy christmas (though i am sure i will see you before)!!

littleoldgrammy said...

Lisa, I love this picture. We will really miss having you home this Christmas. It just isn't the same without you and Dan here. I hope you can come next year. Maybe you'll be living here then!