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Monday, April 26, 2010

so proud

today i sent dan off to his first day of work. i wish i had taken a picture. maybe i'll take one when he gets home and has that wizened, working-man look.

i must say, he looked very snazzy in his borrowed suit and cuff links. we'll have to get him one of his own sometime soon.

i'm so happy he found a job that is a fifteen minute walk from our apartment. it's weird to have both of us earning money now instead of borrowing it. it feels good.


aimee said...

I would love to see Dan all sazzy for work! Picture! Picture!

Good luck, Dan.

Gotta love being DINKs (duel income, no kids). Scott and I have been DINKs for a few months now since I am out of school and he is employed again. It is fun to watch the bank account grow rather than the other way around. Enjoy it!

Chelsi Ritter said...

congratulations, guys! that's a great feeling. especially when you're only paying peanuts for rent (comparatively speaking, of course) :)

littleoldgrammy said...

Sure hope you took that photo of Snazzy Dan.

Squirrel said...

Go get 'em Snazzy Dan! Actually I think Dan is a snazzy guy no matter what he's wearing.

logan said...

I picked up a couple of suits at H&M for less than $200. One was less than $100. Dan could easily find something decent there to make him perpetually snazzy.

Christine said...

Hey LIsa! I just found your blog yesterday afternoon as I was looking for a distraction from cleaning and folliwing side bar links. Yay! I'm so sorry to hear about your surgery, I had no idea. I'm glad you're feeling better.
IN fact, I found a ton of blogs from people in our ward, now I can blog-stock all the cool people I never got to talk to much while I was hurrying down to primary!