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Saturday, April 10, 2010

i'm loving this show

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.

You can watch it online (I finally took our TV out to the curb last weekend). I have been a long time fan of Jamie Oliver - ever since his Naked Chef days. But I really started to believe in what he was doing - not only as a great chef but as someone who cares about changing the way people eat and, therefore, live - when he revamped England's school lunch program.

It's a movement I whole-heartedly believe in. Obesity is taking over America. This generation is going to have a shorter life span than their parents if we don't change things soon. So, I recommend this show to everyone - especially those who have kids (I read a blog where a parent got his kids out of bed at night to watch the show with him because he thought it was so important for them to see it).


Cagney and Laci said...

i love this show as well. I heart Jamie so much, he is so genuine and cares about people and families. Greatest show ever (on friday nights).

Matti said...

interesting...thanks Lisa! I'll have to check it out. I'm always looking for a good show online, and I love making nutritious stuff for my kids. But, sometimes it's easier to get them to eat crap. I am always looking for new ideas. Thanks! I hope you are feeling all better these days.

amorette said...

i just watched the episodes on hulu last week. good stuff. i'm still haunted by those chicken nuggets. i was also floored about the french fries counting as a veg. unbelievable.

hannah said...

I LOVE JAMIE TOO!! ( and not just because he is a fellow Brit!) IT is so great what he is trying to do. I am saddened by the resistance that he has experienced. People are so afraid of change.
I actually got Amira out of bed to watch the pilot episode with me, as food, diet and changing the ways we live has been a major subject within our family recently.

jamie said...

Lately it seems everywhere I turn I am seeing/ hearing/ reading something about this Jamie Oliver. I am going to start watching his show. I am offically convinced.

Chelsi Ritter said...

i'm so with you, lisa! it's about time we had someone take a stand and make some changes in this country. i really hope he can go beyond the town he's in now, and reach out everywhere!