What do you think the sex(es) of the twins will be?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My favorite album of 2008

I know it's a little late, but I love this album so much and hope you will, too. I'm sad because he just came to Massachusetts and played on the cape but I couldn't find a ride. And now I'm double sad because he's coming to Salt Lake City in July and I'll be in North Carolina. So, someone needs to go and then tell me all about it, okay?

Bon Iver's For Emma, Forever Ago

He wrote the entire album in a cabin in the woods of Wisconsin. I love that.

Listen to "Skinny Love" here.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


My very talented, very funny friend Billy has his second book - a novel - coming out in June: How to Hold a Woman.

You can pre-order it here. I can't wait to read it.

"An emotionally powerful book; it is organic, surprising, and edgy in a way that will appeal to male readers as well as female readers. It has the potential to be groundbreaking in its raw, honest portrayal of a just-barely-functioning family. Billy Lombardo is interested in the beauty of words. He is also a great observer of the world around him, and he is exquisite and precise in getting that world onto the page."

Friday, May 22, 2009

DONE (almost)

On Tuesday, I turned in my very last packet for school. My thesis is finished and I'll be sending it off in a couple of days. It's a novel in stories called "Irreversible Things." I still need to do a little prep for the class I'm teaching in July, read the thesis manuscripts from the committees I'm on and do some other prep for residency, but the majority of the work is finito.

I can't believe I will have a Master of Fine Arts degree in July. I get to go down to N. Carolina a couple of days early to hang out with some of my favorite Warren-Wilson girls (spending a relaxing day at the spa!) and then after graduation I'll sightsee with my parents for a couple of days (D. only gets to spend a day with us because of his internship). Warren-Wilson graduations are awesome. There are no caps or gowns or boring speeches. All the graduating students read from their work and then, along with the diploma, we receive a hand-carved walking stick from the Black Mountains, adorned with fresh flowers. After that, there's a reception, live music and a fancy dinner for all and then a SWEATHEART BALL (misspelling intended). I will dance my heart out.

I'm feeling happy and excited (school is great, but the stress associated with it is blah), but I'm also feeling a little melancholy. I love my program. It is so unique and so amazing. Thinking about it being over is making me feel a little sentimental.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

some thoughts on mother's day

mother's day can be a tough day for some: those who have difficult relationships with their mothers, those who have lost a child or are suffering through infertility, those who have always wanted to have a baby but for one reason or another it has never happened for them.

so, tomorrow i will celebrate not just mothers (and i do feel lucky to have such a great one), but all the important women in my life. i have, and have had, so many amazing women in my life - they are all different and do different things. some are teachers, some are mothers, some are writers, some are single, some are married, some are gay, some are straight, some are sick, some are healthy, some are democrats, some are republicans, some are alive and some have passed on.

i say to all of you - happy women's day!