What do you think the sex(es) of the twins will be?

Friday, February 22, 2008

University of California Irvine

Dan found out today that he got into the Urban Planning program at UC Irvine. This is the first school he's heard back from.

I'm California dreaming today because the weather is miserable in Boston. It's supposed to snow all night. This is bad news for us because we have a fun trip to Rhode Island planned for tomorrow.

Anyhow, we're going to sit tight and see what all our options are as far as school goes. I would be sad to leave Boston and all the great friends we've made here, but on the other hand it would be pretty cool to live closer to two of my brothers (who both live in Ventura). We'll keep ya'll updated.

(I just checked weather.com and it's 60 right now in Irvine!!! That sounds SO NICE right about now.)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Brother!

Today my dear brother Jonny turned 35. He actually gave me a present today. Over the phone, he officially told me I'm not a baby anymore. Jonny has been telling me I'm a baby for the last 29 years. When I was a kid he would always say, "You're still a baby until you're ____" and then he'd fill in the blank with whatever age I was turning next. So, as you can see, this was a really big day for me.

Jonny is one of the funniest people I know. Any of you who know him well can attest to this. He's also an extremely talented artist and is good at pretty much everything. He even taught himself to play a $10 toy accordion from Media Play. He's also very kind and humble.

I love you, Jonny! Happy Birthday!

(Photo compliments of Kristen's blog)

Sharing the Love

I was the recipient of a little love this week and want to pass it on. SO, I'm offering a little (but good) prize package for the first three people to post a comment on this blog. Only catch is that you have to continue the cycle and pay it forward to three more people. Sound good?

Okay, come one, come all (or three) and feel the Lisa love.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I love
not because they are
or sweet-smelling
but because,
I don’t know,
this ocean is yours,
and mine:
these buttons
and wheels
and little
fans upon
whose feathers
love has scattered
its blossoms,
glasses, knives and
scissors –
all bear
the trace
of someone’s fingers
on their handle or surface,
the trace of a distant hand
in the depths of forgetfulness.

(from Ode to Things by Pablo Neruda)

Happy Valentine's Day to Dan, the love of my life, to family and friends, and to all the little things in my life that remind me of all of you.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Coke Rewards

I've got to hand it to the Coca-Cola Company. Sometimes I'm about to reach for a Sunkist, but then I remember that if I opt for a Coke instead, I'll be that much closer to winning cool and amazing prizes. So far I've won: a free 20 oz., a free 12-pack, an Elliott Smith ring-tone that just says "Needle in the Hay" over and over and makes me want to rip my hair out, and a one-year subscription to Marie Claire magazine. I always hide the Marie Claires at the bottom of our bathroom magazine basket because they're so embarrassingly stupid and go against pretty much everything I believe in. Here are some of this month's headlines:

"SCANDALOUS! HOW TO SURVIVE AN OFFICE AFFAIR (you weren't fooling anyone)"



Now I have my eyes on bigger prizes like AMC Gold movie tickets or the Coca-Cola Incredible Floating Cooler that promises, "You'll be the envy of your friends when you take your drinks into the water." Now THAT sounds like something I need.

Friday, February 1, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

I'm exactly a month late (no, Marcus, I'm not pregnant). So sue me.

1. Use the phrase "so sue me" more, because it's pretty awesome.
2. Only post books on Goodreads that I'm willing to comment about.
3. Keep the desk clean.
4. Use up all the condiments in the refrigerator before (if!) we move :(
5. Write every day (this should probably be a no-brainer since I'm doing an MFA, but I'm just not one of those people who sits down for two hours every morning, rain or shine. I'm very erratic.). Which leads me to resolution 6: one of those people who sit or one of those people who sits? Should I use sits because it's "one" or sit because it's "people"?
6. Learn exactly what an adverb and gerund are and all those other little grammatical terms I should have learned in 7th grade (again, I should know this! I was an editor for 2+ years! I majored in English! I feel like I intuitively know how sentences should be put together, but never bothered to learn the terminology. As you can see from yesterday's post, this sometimes gets me into trouble.).
7. Finish my essay so I can write fiction again.
8. Learn to knit socks.
9. Be a better wife.
10. Become a fascinating woman.
11. Stop confusing the word "yesterday" with "tomorrow": I have this weird glitch in my brain that often substitutes these words for each other. For example, I might say, "I'm going to the mall yesterday," when I'm really going there tomorrow. Or, "I saw this really cool movie tomorrow." Weird, huh? I suspect that it probably has something to do with me being omniscient.
12. Keep my list of resolutions to a reasonable size.