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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Mom & Dad rocking out

My sister-in-law just sent me this little "video" of my parents and it totally cracked me up.  

(I can't get it to embed, so you'll have to click the link...)


Chelsi & Eric said...

that's so hilarious! my favorite part was the butt shake.

littleoldgrammy said...

Now you know!
You and Dan need to go to California for Thanksgiving next year so you can rock out, too!

Go to Kristen's blog for a dancing feast starring Jonny, Kristen and Noah.

Alicen said...

That was so freakin awesome...I love Bob and Ellen!!

Check out me and my homes...we got elfed...


aimee heff said...

Lisa, at first I thought your dad looked like Dick Chaney but then the butt started shaking and it left me.

Why are these so entertaining?!