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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I love Survivor. The next season (Survivor: China) premieres this Thursday. Among the cast is Todd, *another* gay Mormon from Pleasant Grove, Utah. I say *another* because the last one was Rafe, who claimed to be a gay Mormon, but was not an actual member of the LDS church, nor had he ever been.

Here's Todd's bio (I don't really understand but kind of love the first line about winning the hearts of everyone at his school after coming out of the closet (especially confusing because he came out of the closet after high school...?)):

Todd Herzog is an openly gay Mormon who came out shortly after high school and won the hearts of everyone at his school. He attended Pleasant Grove High School in Utah and then two years of college at Utah Valley State College. He currently works as a flight attendant. He previously worked as a manager at a movie theater and at a major theme park.

Herzog has previously lived in Seattle, Orlando and Denver. His hobbies include traveling, shopping and drinking coffee. He enjoys surfing, biking and boating. He's allergic to cats, rabbits and shrimp. He describes himself as fantastic, amazing, awesome and super-original. He believes he will do well on SURVIVOR because he claims he is very positive, great at social skills and strategizing, and he's willing to "gather wood and sh*t." He thinks the Spice Girls are the most significant historical event of the past 100 years and is unbelievably stoked that they are going on a reunion tour this winter.

Herzog currently lives in Pleasant Grove, Utah. He has one brother, Tyler, and three sisters, Brandy, Kimmi and Tori. His birth date is January 29, 1985.

Should be interesting. Courtney, I know you'll be watching...


Anonymous said...

He has already captured my heart.

Fenima said...

Okay Lisa, this guy is something else. Openly gay mormon? He can not be a mormon if he is gay. Spice girls?
That's too much...junk ya.

aimee heff said...

such a cliche. the mormon gay boy.

i'm not a survivor watcher but maybe now that we have DVR maybe i'll tune in.

Courtney said...

I can't wait for Survivor to start! I've already got it set to record!!! I didn't know there was going to be another gay mormon. Why can't they get a normal mormon? Not enough drama?

Okay- the drama is what makes it interesting! I'll definitely be watching!

Courtney said...

So, what did you think? I'm a little disappointed about them already giving the other team flint and fire. That's what makes it so interesting in the beginning!

I don't like the Courtney chick from NY- I hope she gets voted off soon. She bugs me and it bugs me that she has the same name as me and she acts like that!

Should be interesting! So far the gay "mormon" hasn't caused too much trouble.

Lisa said...

yeah, that was dumb that both teams got fire so soon. i don't like courtney at all - also thought it was weird how the christian talk show host wouldn't participate in the chinese ceremony. anyway, i like todd so far. he seems fun and smart.

Alicen said...

bwa ha ha. Fenima cracks me up. soooo junk!! Hi Fenima if you're reading this... :)