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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Presidential Candidate Selector

This website lets you choose how you feel about several issues and then tells you which candidates are most aligned with your views.

Looks like Obama is my match...
Well, he wasn't at the TOP of the list, but his was the first name I recognized.

While we're on the issue of politics, the missionaries came over last night and told us something kind of funny. They said that Mitt Romney's home teacher (Mitt is in our stake) is part of Mormons Against Romney.


littleoldgrammy said...

I plan to vote for Romney, but if Guliani gets the republican nomination, I may be joining you in voting for Obama if he gets the nomination as the democrat contender. I haven't voted for a democrat since Jimmy Carter!

logan said...

I just did your quiz, and I was 94% for Kucinich, 88% Obama, and a paltry 22% Mitt, sorry Romney, not even close.
One of the girls in my program worked on Kucinich's reelection campaign for congress, and he wrote her letter of rec. for our program, seems like a stand-up guy. Too bad he has no chance of winning, even though he's the best of the Dems.
I'll likely be showing my 3rd party solidarity with the Greens, or some other independent, we'll see.

aimee heff said...

Loved that quiz.

1) My Ideal Candidate that doesn't exist
2) Dennis Kucinich, whom I don't know much about
3) Obama

Like Logan I too got 22% for Romney. It totally cracks me up that his home teacher is on the anti-Romney bandwagon.

My mission president is friends with Romney and sent an email asking his missionaries that were interested to donate to his campaign. I thought it a little uncalled for but whatever!?

It should be an interesting year. I do love campaign season.... well expect for when Bush won... again!

Lisa said...

mom, let's hope guliani gets it.

aimee, yeah, that's way inappropriate. i'll have to take the quiz again. kucinich may have been on my list, but i obviously didn't know who that was until now.

logan, go green party.

ok, it's 6:27 and i'm off to labor on labor day.

Anonymous said...

I was 100% for George Bush. Weird.