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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Etsy & Beach Boys

I could spend hours and hours looking at Etsy, an amazing website where you can buy/sell all things homemade.

Here are two of the stores I'm digging right now:

The Modern Pet - I love the hand sewn cat collars (maybe for Christmas, Pumpkin!) Speaking of Pumpkin, I got him a new scratch pad yesterday and he's in heaven. The minute I brought it home he laid down on it and hasn't gotten off since. He also likes licking off the catnip. You can see in this picture that his eye has healed over nicely.

Mary&Jane - I like the earrings. I think the interchangeable ones are cool - you can change the beads for a different look.

Fellow Etsyites: please leave a comment letting me know what your favorites are. Since there are a billion jillion sellers on there, it's hard to do random browsing. Share your Etsy secrets.

So, on to the next topic:


= a very good time

I got my bike fixed this week. I got the bike for Christmas and it broke a week later. I finally wheeled it over to the bike shop this week and Mike the Bike Guy got it all spiffied up for me. (That picture is my exact Huffy Cruiser by the way. Yeah, it's pretty awesome).

So last night we went on a long bike ride into Boston. We biked along the Charles, which was nothing less than magical with all the city lights reflecting off the water. Then we biked into a crowd of thousands of people at the Amphitheater and heard the song "California Girls" playing. I thought it was a cover band at first, but low and behold, there were the Beach Boys on the stage in a glow of pink and purple lights. Awesome. Just wish my mom could have been there to see the BBs.

But it doesn't stop there. We then biked over to the North End (Little Italy) and there was a street festival going on. We shared an Arancino (a fried rice ball with peas, meat and cheese inside); very yumtastic as the Hadleys would say. Then we biked home at 11:00 pm. We looked online today and we biked about 8 miles.

This week I'm going to see about getting a little basket for my bike.


aimee heff said...

A few favorites I have found on etsy are:

Seller Names:
tigerlillyshop - probably my most favorite. I love her button rings. Wendi from bunko bought one right off my finger.

What a fun night in Boston. I love big cities. I wish we could come visit so bad before you guys leave.

Lisa said...

thanks aimee! love those button rings.

littleoldgrammy said...

You know how much I love the Beach Boys. What a magical bike ride!

Dad and I are excited to come visit you in a couple of months...probably in October!