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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Trader Joe's Favorites of the Day

1. Greek Yogurt (2%) - Very thick and creamy. I mix it with a little honey - it's my favorite dessert. I also mix it into Indian food and substitute it for mayo.
2. Various Cheeses - Especially the Canadian Brie and the Dutch Goat Cheese.
3. Chocolate Pretzels - I'm usually a dark chocolate girl, but I prefer the milk chocolate in these.
4. Fennel Toothpaste - Cheaper than Tom's of Maine. A nice alternative to mint.
5. Pure Castille Soap - Is there anything you CAN'T use this for? Perfect for an all-in-one camping item. You can wash your dishes with it. You can wash your body with it. You can brush your teeth with it (although I wouldn't do it). You can wash your clothes with it (I have done that and it works pretty well). You can make a bubble bath with it. It's basically like Dr. Bronner's but without all the weird religious stuff on the label and like 4 times cheaper.
6. Soy & Flaxseed Tortilla Chips - The flaxseeds kind of make them look like they have little fleas in them.
7. Soba Noodles - They're vegan and delicious and very good for you (I'm talking about the frozen ones).
9. Frozen Naan - Dan eats these all the time. We like the garlic ones.
10. Frozen Edamame - Gotta love edamame.
11. Double Rainbow Mango/Vanilla Soycream
12. French Orange Blossom Honey Handsoap

We also got 2 new products today:
The first is CHOCOLATE COVERED EDAMAME. I'm not kidding. It's kind of different. I like it, but some people hated it. If you like dry roasted edamame and dark chocolate, you will like this.
The second is Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds - Sea salt is mixed in with the dark chocolate and it makes it really good.

Ok, that's all. Sorry to you poor folks who don't have a Trader Joe's (aka Utah people)


vanormanb1 said...

Lisa, we're already dying that we don't have a Trader Joes here and probably never will. When we come to visit we'll have to bring an empty suitcase to load up at TJs.

I'm sorry I missed you yesterday. I left my computer for a few minutes, and when I returned you had left a message but were gone.
Love you and miss you,

Anonymous said...

I think the best TJ product is the coffee Rio coffee candy bits. They are the best. They have helped prevent me from smoking for over 180 days. Yum Yum candy
Can't wait till Sept.