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Thursday, July 26, 2007


This post is in honor of Courtney who emailed me and asked why I didn't include The Babysitter's Club in my poll of best children's series. I really don't know how I made this slip, except I'd maybe consider the series to be at the Immature Young Adult level. I grew up with Kristy, Stacey, Claudia, Mary Ann and all those Alternate Officers (i.e. Dawn, Mallory and friends).

It's funny how I never thought it was weird that a new book was coming out like every two weeks.

Remember when Stacey just couldn't resist eating a cookie (she was diabetic!) and got sent to the hospital? Bad Stacey. Or remember the Super Specials? Those were my favorite. Once they got stranded on an island and figured out how to collect rainwater in a tarp to drink! I think they went to Disneyworld and the Bahamas one time. Something cool happened, but I can't remember what.

So when I moved to Utah, I moved into a neighborhood that had its very own baby-sitter's club. Was Jenny president? I can't remember. Anyway, I was invited to be like the ALTERNATE ALTERNATE ALTERNATE Officer. Yeah, I felt pretty cool.

I also owned a BSC (let's abbreviate from now on, shall we?) video. My brothers will forever taunt me with these famous lines from Kristy:

"Drippy? Who you calling drippy? You're the only drip around here."

I never really got that. Maybe it's a Stoneybrook, Connecticut thing.


Courtney said...

I feel honored! You are right- it's probably not considered a kids series even though I feel like I was a kid when I was reading them! Memories....thanks for the quick little flashback into childhood!

Lisa said...

you were a kid. we were like 11. the embarrassing thing is that i kept reading them until i was well into junior high.

aimee heff said...

I am proud to say that I was a regular BSC reader. Loved these books so much but HATED babysitting.

So glad you brought back the memories!

Squirrel said...

Lisa, your mom suggested that I take a peek at your blog. I am impressed! I didn't know you could have your own blog. I am working to set one up myself. It will be Squirrel Hollow. I might need some help from you in how to do it. Love you. Aunt Sue