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Friday, July 6, 2007

Aimee said she missed me...

Thanks, Aimee. Can't leave my faithful blog reader(s?) dissatisfied!

So I'm here at Warren-Wilson College for my 10 day residency. Lots of lectures and classes and hanging out with my Warren-Wilson friends. Tonight I find out which faculty member I'll work with this semester. They all seem amazing, so I'm excited.

I thought I'd post some pictures of this beautiful campus. The Blue Ridge Mountains are so lovely.


aimee heff said...
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aimee heff said...

It looks gorgeous! Like a cabin college or something!

So glad you could catch your faithful readers up on your happenings. You will have to fill us in with all the details once you are back.

Have fun on the last leg of the trip.

PS... I deleted that last post. Sorry. My hand got ahead of me and there were some typos.

littleoldgrammy said...

lisa, love your blog. I especially love the pictures you took in North Carolina. It looks like a magical place.

I wish you and Dan could be with us for the 24 of July party tomorrow at Allysons....

Thursday Thurop, Sherri and Leif are coming to SLC. Friday we are going to join Sherri's family for a campout in the Uintahs.

We love you and Dan and miss you. Tell Dan he wouldn't have boring Sundays if he spent them with us! We had the Hansens over for dinner and then played some fun games. The only thing missing was you and all the family.

Love you and miss you,