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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Video Killed the Radio Star

They've been predicting the death of radio for quite some time now. I don't think it's dying, I think it's just reinventing itself through podcasts, etc.

I love the radio (Here meaning radio shows, not radio stations that play a carefully selected list of songs matching their target demographic perfectly). I love the intimacy of the radio. I have this picture in my head of a family in the 1940s all gathered around their radio waiting for the next episode of "Red Ryder" to come on and I feel a twinge of sadness that we've lost that. Or have we? My husband and I will always come home from work on Mondays and ask each other if we've listened to "This American Life" yet. Then we'll talk about the show and talk about the people on it as though they're old friends. There's something that radio does that tv just can't mimic. Maybe it's the mystery of hearing a voice and wondering what that person looks like. I make it a point to not look people up that I listen to on the radio. I prefer to imagine them, to create their character by their voice, if that makes sense. (Although I admit, I have looked up a few. Most people look nothing like they sound. Except Ira Glass from This American Life. He looks just like you think he would. Ever listened to the Diane Rehm Show on NPR? She sounds like a fragile 90-year-old in a hand-knit sweater that is going to keel over and die any second. Then you look at a picture of her and she's this put-together woman in a business suit that looks about 50.)

Some of my favorites:

Radio West on KUER FM 90 in SLC - Doug Fabrizio is amazing. Most of the shows treat topics specific to Utah, but not all of them.

This American Life on Chicago Public Radio - I love it. What more can I say?

All Songs Considered on NPR

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Books I've read since January...

Birds of America - Lorrie Moore
Drown - Junot Diaz
Disgrace - J.M. Cooetze
Sula - Toni Morrison
The Girl in the Flammable Skirt - Aimee Bender
Monkeys - Susan Minot
Interesting Women - Andrea Lee
Reading Like a Writer - Francine Prose

And right now I'm reading "Norwegian Wood" by Haruki Murakami and "A Distant Episode" by Paul Bowles. I've also read quite a few short stories by various people. I just ordered an Anton Chekhov anthology that I'm pretty excited about and "Lunch Poems" by Frank O'Hara.

Birds of America was AMAZING - probably the best book of short stories I have ever read. They're funny, they're quirky, sometimes a little sad and a little random. You will love this book. And maybe you'll wonder, like I am wondering at this moment, how you survived until now without discovering Lorrie Moore.

The others have been great too. I'm really enjoying Norwegian Wood - it has been translated to English from Japanese - the translation is fantastic.

Other than that, I've been writing like crazy this semester and trying to keep my head above water. I finish off the semester in 3 weeks and then I'll begin preparing for the next one...I'm excited to get back to North Carolina. The Warren-Wilson campus is amazing and I'm sure it will look spectacular in the summertime.

Oh, and Boston is finally warm. I worked at TJ's today and people were so PLEASANT! Warm weather can do wonders...

Off to the laundromat with my little pushcart full of dirty clothes now. And yes, it does make me look and feel like a homeless person.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Free Samples

So I've been on this free sample kick. I've got Dove deodorant, Clif Nectar bars, dental floss, Kashi cereal. Companies love when you write to them and tell them how much you love their stuff. They'll usually send you coupons for free products or send the actual product.

Today I've been toying with the idea of whether it would be possible to survive solely on free samples. It seems possible; I'll have to think about that.

Since my husband is a well-known tightwad, this recent hobby of mine has caused no problems in our relationship. I mean, how can you argue with FREE?

Sometimes you don't know what you're going to get, though. Case in point: Malt-o-meal. Once my friend Ben wrote a three-page letter to Malt-o-meal detailing how every time he was sad as a kid his mom would give him a big, steamy bowl of Malt-o-meal and it made everything better. He basically extolled Malt-o-meal as the elixir of life. What did he get in return? A magnet with a truck on it that said Malt-o-meal. End of story: he never ate Malt-o-meal again.

I'm also all about the Coke rewards. I've won magazine subscriptions, free bottles of Coke, blockbuster movies...

Tightwad husband doesn't think that's such a good deal though. He's dying for me to kick the Diet Coke habit.

Yogi Tea http://www.yogitea.com/
Kashi Go Lean Crunch http://kashi.com/
Dove http://www.dove.com/